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Brian Warrensford was born in Hawaii and raised in Los Angeles' Koreatown. He started playing the flute and saxophone at age eight and performed for family and friends at parties and school functions. As a teen, Brian joined garage bands blowing his horn in the most popular music genres like rock, blues, reggae, country, funk, jazz, latin and original music.


Brian launched his professional career, in his early twenties, at the famous Beverly Theatre in Beverly Hills. Exhibiting his versatility playing the flute and dancing in an avant-garde production with an ensemble cast.


Brian continued increasing his experience working in front of audiences in television/film, theatre and musicals. Getting more “chops” as a musician playing with numerous groups at iconic L.A venues such as the “Whiskey” in Hollywood, “Madame Wongs,” the infamous and chic “Al's Bar” during the renaissance of downtown Los Angeles, the “Cockatoo Inn” and “Carolina West”.


Brian, no longer a neophyte in the music industry, now a consummate performer and entrepreneur, landed an overseas contract with the Mandarin Hotel in Singapore. His touring Top 40 group entertained international cosmopolitan audiences.


Brian teamed up with another journeyman singer in Honolulu, who played the acoustic guitar, and performed popular songs and smooth-island sounds at the Royal Hawaiian and the Moana Hotel in Waikiki beach for the tourist trade.


Brian Warrensford continues charming audiences with his elegant and expressive melodic style. Brian has evolved and matured into a solo performance with his signature musical sound as that of a small band or trio, hence the name, “The Solo Trio.” He developed his act to be readily adaptable for a wide range of audience markets and performance spaces. With his personable and fashionable nature, Brian exudes a persona of elegance that only increases the reputation of any venue where he plays. He is truly a “class act.”


Brian teaches “at-risk” youth the piano and other musical instruments and lives with his wife and three border collies in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

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